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Kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding are great ways to get outdoors, have fun, get some exercise, and enjoy nature. Though people are often able to just jump into a boat and make it "go", it's surprising what a difference it makes when you know how to perform a few basic strokes correctly and efficiently. Knowing about safety can also give you a peace of mind when you venture out on the water.

You may be an experienced paddler wishing to learn the latest in efficient paddling techniques or expand your skills, or you may be a novice aspiring to master control of a kayak or canoe. Either way, we'll to help you to reach your goals and to enjoy your paddling experiences. Besides exercises in paddling, you'll enjoy the lovely locations of our classes. And since our instructors are also naturalists, you may also learn a bit about the nature around you, no extra charge!

Students receive a 20% discount on additional rentals during the current season.

2023 Paddling Clinics

Our introductory clinics have been set up such that they can be taken in two parts, allowing flexibility and time to practice between lessons if desired. This also allows you to take advantage of our discounted rentals for clinic participants. Our experienced instructors are certified by the American Canoe Association or the Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association. Prices include complimentary use of our boats, paddles, and personal flotation devices but you may certainly use your own equipment if you prefer.


JULY 16, 9:00 - 12:00PM
AUGUST 12, 9:00 - 12:00PM

Discover the fun and adventure of kayaking ! This 3-hour clinic is geared for people who have had limited or no training in paddling.  Emphasis will be on basic safety and basic paddling skills that will allow you to safely and effectively maneuver on flat-water. While designed as a stand-alone, introductory course, students often choose to continue with a Skills Clinic to refine their paddling skills through significantly more guided, on-water practice time. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Cost: $75per person


Private/Semi-Private Lessons

There's nothing like learning one-on-one with an American Canoe Association certified instructor. This lesson will open up new possibilities for you! Call us to set up an appointment.


Learn the basics of stand-up paddleboarding from a PSUP certified instructor including safety, how to get on and off a board, correct standing, paddling, and turning techniques. Includes complimentary use of our equipment.


The ACA Quickstart Your Kayak or Quickstart Your Canoe courses are designed as a brief introduction to kayaking or canoeing on flat-water. A 3-hour course taught on flat-water.
Available as a Private or Semi-private lesson. Call for pricing and to schedule.


The ACA Introduction to Kayaking or Introduction to Canoeing courses emphasize the entry-level paddling skills for individuals desiring an introduction to the sport of kayaking or canoeing. A 6-hour course taught on flat-water.
Available as a Private or Semi-private lesson. Call for pricing and to schedule.


The ACA Essentials of River Canoeing course is designed as an introduction to paddling rivers safely. Participants learn to catch large eddies and perform simple ferries, recognize and avoid hazards, perform rescues and respond to emergencies on moving water rivers with no rapids. A one-day course taught on moving water with no rapids.
Available as a Private or Semi-private lesson. Call for pricing and to schedule.


This course is for canoeists interested in learning the skills required to play on rivers with Class I rapids by catching smaller eddies, making sharp peel outs and efficient ferries. Participants at this level aspire to attain a higher level of canoeing skills, quality strokes/maneuvers, and river rescue skills. A one-day course taught on Class I rapids on sections of rivers rated up to Class I-II.
Available as a Private or Semi-private lesson. Call for pricing and to schedule.

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